MKVToolNix v6.8.0 released


I’ve released MKVToolNix 6.8.0. There were tons of bug fixes for the Windows builds, especially for the 64bit builds.

The one new feature that is present is support for h.265/HEVC video: but only for reading it from elementary streams or from other Matroska files. My initial plan was to have reading it from MPEG transport streams work as well, but alas, free time is in short supply, and this release is a week overdue already.

The HEVC support has been implemented by Rovi Corp (DivX). I’ve merged their changes, updated them to the current code base and cleaned them up somewhat. Their work is much appreciated.

For package maintainers nothing has changed compared to 6.7.0.

You can download the source code or one of the binaries.

Here’s the full ChangeLog since release 6.7.0:

  • 2014-03-02 Moritz Bunkus <>
    • Released v6.8.0.
  • 2014-02-28 Moritz Bunkus <>
    • mkvmerge, mkvextract: new feature: added support for h.265/HEVC by merging the patches from DivX/Rovi Corp. So far HEVC is only supported as elementary streams and read from other Matroska files.
  • 2014-02-22 Moritz Bunkus <>
    • mkvmerge: enhancement: The deprecated ISO 639-1 code "iw" is now recognized for Hebrew.
  • 2014-02-15 Moritz Bunkus <>
    • mkvmerge: bug fix: The AC3 packetizer will re-derive the sampling frequency and the number of channels from the bitstream. This way obviously invalid information from the source container like a sampling frequency of 0 Hz will be fixed.
  • 2014-02-05 Moritz Bunkus <>
    • mkvmerge: enhancements: AVI reader: audio chunks with obvious wrong size information (bigger than 10 MB) will be skipped.
  • 2014-02-03 Moritz Bunkus <>
    • mkvmerge: bug fix: When reading M2TS files belonging to an MPLS playlist mkvmerge will now only copy packets whose timestamps lie between the »in time« and »out time« restrictions from the playlist’s entry corresponding to that M2TS file. Fixes #985.
  • 2014-01-22 Moritz Bunkus <>
    • all: Windows 64bit: fixed return value checks for opening files. Fixes #972.
  • 2014-01-21 Moritz Bunkus <>
    • all: Windows: when redirecting the program’s output with cmd.exe (e.g. »mkvinfo file.mkv > info.txt«) the programs will no longer write two line feed characters (\r) per carriage return character (\n). Fixes #970.
    • all: Windows: the default charset for the files created with»–redirect-output« has been changed from the system’s local charset to UTF-8. Just like before it can be changed with»–output-charset«. See #970.
    • all: bug fix: Windows: messages written to the console (cmd.exe) are not re-encoded to the local charset and back to UTF-16 before they’re handed over to ConsoleWriteW(). This fixes outputting Unicode characters to the console that are not part of the local charset. Fixes #971.
  • 2014-01-18 Moritz Bunkus <>
    • extract: bug fix: using names of non-existing files in»attachments«, »chapters«, »cuesheet« or »tags« mode caused mkvextract to crash instead of emitting a proper error message. Fixes #964.
  • 2014-01-17 Moritz Bunkus <>
    • mmg: bug fix: fixed the check for WebM-compatible track types for Opus.
  • 2014-01-12 Moritz Bunkus <>
    • mkvmerge: bug fix: fixed muxing Sorenson v3 (SVQ3) video from QuickTime files.
  • 2014-01-11 Moritz Bunkus <>
    • mkvmerge, mkvextract, mkvpropedit: enhancement: attachments in Matroska files with a missing FileUID element are not ignored anymore even though they violate the specs. mkvmerge generates a new FileUID instead.
  • 2014-01-10 Moritz Bunkus <>
    • mkvmerge: re-built with the 64bit build for Windows with a newer compiler version in order to fix #957. It was due to a bug in gcc:
    • mmg: bug fix: mkvmerge’s file identification is written to a temporary file with –redirect-output and from there into mmg instead of directly from mkvmerge. This prevents from character re-coding done by wxWidgets 3.0.0 on Windows. Fixes #959.
  • 2014-01-09 Moritz Bunkus <>
    • installer: enhancement: the architecture (32bit vs 64bit) is mentioned in the interface.
    • installer: bug fix: the installation directory for 64bit builds will default to the proper directory (»C:\Program Files« instead of »C:\Program Files (x86)«). Fixes #956.

Have fun.


9 thoughts on “MKVToolNix v6.8.0 released

  1. Felipe

    Hey there!
    Well, I’m trying to install MKVextractGUI2. I already extracted the archive on the main dir(Mkvtoolnix), and It says that i have to download the 32bits version, but it IS the 32…

  2. Wakaku

    Hello. I’m very impressed with MKVToolNix, it’s so powerful and convenient. Thanks so much for creating this.

    I tried downloading YouTube vids by getting separate video (mp4) and audio (m4a) files, instead of a regular MP4 (combined audio and video). The advantage of doing so (especially if it is not HD) is getting better bitrates, better audio quality, and higher resolutions, not permitted with the default YouTube packages.

    When I tried loading the mp4 and the m4a. MKVToolNix 6.8.0 wasn’t able to do so and ended with a message something like: No track found – The input file does not contain any tracks.

    I tried playing the mp4 and m4a on a player like MPC-HC, it has no problems.

    MKVToolNix though, has no problem opening a regular YouTube MP4 (combined video and audio).

    1. The Rook

      I’ve encountered the same problem. Does anyone know how to resolve this issue? I don’t want to convert or re-encode the files, I simply want to join the video and audio tracks in an mkv file.

  3. piter

    hi, i found a bug in mkvmerge 6.8. my player – philips requires audio track with attribut “default”. i set it in mkvmegre 6.8 but my player not play audio track.
    i install old version mkvmerge 3.3 and see that attribut “default” IS NOT CHECKED. i have set this in version 3.3 and my player saw the audio.

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