MKVToolNix 4.8.0 released


I’ve released mkvtoolnix v4.8.0. It’s mostly a bug fix release with few new features.

Here are the usual links: the home page, the source code and the Windows installer and 7zip archive.

All binaries that I provide myself have already been uploaded.

Here’s the full ChangeLog since release 4.7.0:

  • 2011-05-23 Moritz Bunkus <>
    • Released v4.8.0.
    • mmg: bug fix (Windows): mmg will no longer convert the "mkvmerge executable" from just "mkvmerge" into a full path name when writing its preferences to the registry upon existing.
    • mkvmerge: enhancement: Added support for VobSub IDX files with negative "delay" fields.
  • 2011-05-11 Moritz Bunkus <>
    • mkvmerge: bug fix: The ‘doc type read version’ EBML header field is only set to 2 even if a stereo mode other than ‘none’ is used for at least one video track. Fix for bug 625.
  • 2011-05-06 Moritz Bunkus <>
    • mkvpropedit: new feature: Added support for adding, replacing and removing chapters.
  • 2011-05-03 Moritz Bunkus <>
    • All: Avoided a segmentation fault in gcc by not including a pre-compiled header if FLAC or CURL support is disabled.
    • mkvmerge: bug fix: Reading DTS files stored in 14-to-16 mode were read partially.
  • 2011-04-28 Moritz Bunkus <>
    • mkvmerge: enhancement: mkvmerge will rederive frame types for VC1 video tracks stored in Matroska files instead of relying on the container information. This fixes files created by e.g. MakeMKV that mark all frames as key frames even if they aren’t.
  • 2011-04-26 Moritz Bunkus <>
    • mkvmerge: bug fix: Fixed detection of AAC files with ADIF headers. Fix for bug 626.
  • 2011-04-25 Moritz Bunkus <>
    • mkvmerge: bug fix: The ‘doc type version’ and ‘doc type read version’ EBML header fields are only set to 3 if a stereo mode other than ‘none’ is used for at least one video track. Fix for bug 625.
    • mkvmerge: enhancement: File identification for tracks read from Matroska files with a codec ID of "A_MS/ACM" will show the track’s format tag field if it is unknown to mkvmerge. Implements bug 624.
  • 2011-04-22 Moritz Bunkus <>
    • mkvmerge: new feature: Track, tag and attachment selection via –audio-tracks, –video-tracks etc. can have their meaning reversed by prefixing the list of IDs with "!". If it is then mkvmerge will copy all tracks/tags/attachments but the ones with the IDs given to the option (e.g. "–attachments !3,6").
    • mkvmerge: bug fix: Fixed handling AVIs with AAC audio format tag 0x706d and bogus private data size. Fix for bug 623.

21 thoughts on “MKVToolNix 4.8.0 released

  1. usystems


    Recently a having problems with the MKVmerge, previously I try to mux one of my .mkv file, and try to crop the video using parameter 0,6,0,6 (video at 1280×544), but the video somehow seems stretch, so i also encoded this files using MeGUI previously with cropping the video as well with same setting 0,6,0,6 and the video were resize to 1280×528, I try mux with this setting, changing the display weight and height from 1280×544 to 1280×528 with cropping setting at 0,6,0,6 and works, but suddenly on second attempt on same file a few hours laters, MKVmerge no longer able to change the display from 1280×544 (i’m using same setting that works previously), instead when i look at the file mediainfo, below:

    Display aspect ratio : 2.40:1
    Original display aspect ratio : 2.35:1

    The working file (1280×532) AR were 2.40, so I try to uninstall MKVtoolnix and all preferences, since I would assume, it will store all settings permanently. But no luck, while I install it again, somehow when adding file, MKVmerge do remember the last folder when I added file. I don’t know if this is related to the problems i having, but can you help me here. Thanks, and keep doing the great job

    1. mosu Post author

      I’m sorry, but I cannot really help you with such a problem. mkvmerge only sets header fields and does not modify/re-encode the video. Aspect ratio/stretch problems during playback are therefore nothing that’s due to mkvmerge.

      1. usystems

        and that is the problem, i mux the video using MKVmerge changing the display height and weights with cropping video, and works, and few hours doing a second attempt, it’s not working anymore.. or perhaps my first attempt was just a minor bugs?

  2. usermkvtoolnix

    Hi mosu,

    I had download mkvtoolnix version and some libraries relatied. All libraries ware successfulbuild, but when I used them there ware some errors such as:
    chapters.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol “void __cdecl write_chapters_simple(int &,class libmatroska::KaxChapters *,class mm_io_c *)” (?write_chapters_simple@@YAXAAHPAVKaxChapters@libmatroska@@PAVmm_io_c@@@Z) referenced in function __catch$?extract_chapters@@YAXABV?$basic_string@DU?$char_traits@D@std@@V?$allocator@D@2@@std@@_NW4parse_mode_e@kax_analyzer_c@@@Z$0

    common.lib(cli_parser.obj) : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol “class std::vector<class std::basic_string<char,struct std::char_traits,class std::allocator >,class std::allocator<class std::basic_string<char,struct std::char_traits,class std::allocator > > > __cdecl split(char const *,char const *,int)” (?split@@YA?AV?$vector@V?$basic_string@DU?$char_traits@D@std@@V?$allocator@D@2@@std@@V?$allocator@V?$basic_string@DU?$char_traits@D@std@@V?$allocator@D@2@@std@@@2@@std@@PBD0H@Z)

    Please help me. Thanks so much!

  3. usermkvtoolnix


    Mkvtoolnix source code can runing for window with visual C 2010?

    1. mosu Post author

      I don’t know, sorry. I don’t own or use MSVC.

      Other users have had success with MSVC in general (not necessarily 2010), but that required a couple of changes and addition to the MSVC project files. Those project files were contributed by others, so again I cannot really tell you whether or not they’re stils supposed to work.

    1. mosu Post author

      True, and I don’t even know what OFR is supposed to be. So most likely it will stay unsupported.

        1. mosu Post author

          Interesting. Well, mkvmerge already supports three lossless formats (FLAC, TTA, WavPack). None of those seems to be used much, and I don’t see much of a reason to spend time on yet more lossless and unused formats.

  4. M

    I often use the mkvmerge GUI package audio and video file formats do not support ofr very convenient.

  5. bseos

    Could you please include an option with mkvmerge GUI to save the changes to the original file instead of writing to a new file please.
    It would be a great time saver when working with alot of large HD files.

    Also, does “mkvpropedit” allow me to switch the order of audio files within a mkv container?

    1. mosu Post author

      Saving to the same file is technically impossible, or at least so unfeasible that I’ll never implement something like that.

      To the second question: “it depends”. You can exchange the track numbers, but that won’t re-order the track headers physically. Then it depends on the players and in what order they present the tracks. If they sort by the track number (which they should, but which they don’t always do) then yes, mkvpropedit can help you. If they sort by the position they find the track headers in then no, mkvpropedit cannot help you there.

  6. LANCE

    I’m sorry if this isn’t the place to leave this questions but I just wasn’t sure where it actually belonged. I was recommended your software to do a conversion but when I run it my firewall “online armor” suggests there is a key logger involved. I assumed there was a reasonable explanation but a google search turned up nothing and thought you might be able to put my mind at rest before I start using this. Any info you can give would be great. Thanks

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