MKVToolNix v49.0.0 released

Hey y’all,

this is more or less a small bugfix release of MKVToolNix. One rather important new feature is support for the new Matroska elements introduced for storing additional codec-initialization data needed for techniques such as MVC (3D video) or Dolby Vision metadata. mkvmerge cannot produce them itself yet, but it will keep the data that’s present, e.g. when reading files created by MakeMKV.

Important news for package managers is that libMatroska v1.6.1 is now required (that one was released earlier today). As usual MKVToolNix bundles that version as a fallback.

You can download the source code or one of the binaries. The Windows and macOS binaries as well as the Linux AppImage are available already. The other Linux binaries are stil being built and will be available over the course of the next couple of hours.

Here are the NEWS since the previous release:

New features and enhancements

  • mkvmerge: added support for copying the new track header elements
    BlockAddIDName, BlockAddIDType, BlockAddIDValue and
    BlockAddIDExtraData from Matroska files if they exist. Part of the
    implementation of #2887.
  • mkvinfo: added support for the new track header elements
    BlockAdditionMapping, BlockAddIDName, BlockAddIDType, BlockAddIDValue
    and BlockAddIDExtraData. Part of the implementation of #2887.
  • MKVToolNix GUI: multiplexer: the list of recent directories can now be
    edited in the preferences → "Multiplexer" → "Destination file
    name". Implements #2861.
  • MKVToolNix GUI: preferences: the values in the various "predefined values"
    lists can now be re-ordered freely by dragging & dropping.

Bug fixes

  • mkvmerge: Matroska reader: when reading tracks (e.g. a subtitle track) from
    Matroska files with their default track flag set to yes, and when
    overwriting those via the command line to no, mkvmerge would not promote
    additional tracks of the same type from other files (e.g. another subtitle
    track from an SRT file). Fixes #2863.
  • mkvmerge: SRT reader: empty lines inside entries were doubled. Fixes #2888.
  • mkvmerge: subtitles: when calculating the rounded duration of each entry the
    error from rounding the corresponding timestamp will be taken into
    account. Fixes #2890.
  • mkvextract: SSA/ASS extraction: mkvextract is no longer inserting empty
    lines before the Dialogue: lines. Fixes #2876.
  • mkvextract: USF subtitles: start & end timestamps were too high by a factor
    of 1.000.000. Fixes #2875.
  • MKVToolNix: info tool: when saving to a text file the checkbox "Save as
    default for saving output to text files" did nothing. Fixes #2869.
  • MKVToolNix: info tool: when saving to a text file in "all elements in a
    tree-like structure" mode, the GUI always stopped at the first cluster
    regardless of the setting of the "verbosity" option.
  • MKVToolNix GUI: preferences: when tooltips were disabled the dialogs for
    adding new entries to the various "predefined values" lists were missing
    their texts.
  • Windows installer: the images are shown again. Fixes #2868.
  • configure: fixed detection of QtDBus. Fixes #2886.

Build system changes

  • libMatroska v1.6.1 is now required. The bundled version has been updated to
    that version.

Have fun!