MKVToolNix v7.4.0 released


I’ve released mkvtoolnix v7.4.0. It’s mostly a bug-fix release, though kind of important if you mux HEVC or teletext subtitles.

For packagers: nothing has changed since the previous release.

You can download the source code or one of the binaries.

Here’s the full ChangeLog since the previous release:

  • 2014-12-12 Moritz Bunkus <>
    • Released v7.4.0.
  • 2014-12-10 Moritz Bunkus <>
    • mkvmerge: bug fix: mkvmerge was sometimes dropping lines from teletext subtitles read from MPEG transport streams. See #773.
  • 2014-12-05 Moritz Bunkus <>
    • mkvmerge: bug fix: The PCM packetizer was producing wrong track statistics by disregarding the last packet’s duration when reading PCM data from packaged sources (Matroska, MP4 files). Fixes #1075.
    • build system: enhancement: configure will look for a system version of the pugixml library and use that instead of the bundled version if it is found. Fixes #1090.
    • mkvextract: bug fix for chapter & tag extraction: If locale is set to a non-UTF locale (including C or POSIX) then no XML data was output at all even if the XML data contained ASCII characters only. Fixes #1086. This also fixes mkvextract writing two BOMs when extracting tags with the »–redirect-output« option on Windows.
  • 2014-11-19 Moritz Bunkus <>
    • mkvinfo: bug fix: summary mode: reported frame types in block groups are now derived from the number of references found and not by the references’ values.
  • 2014-11-16 Moritz Bunkus <>
    • mkvmerge: bug fix: Fixed muxing open GOPs after I frames in MPEG-1/2 video (patch by Stefan Pöschel). Fixes #1084.
  • 2014-11-15 Moritz Bunkus <>
    • mmg: bug fix: VP9 video tracks are accepted in WebM mode.
  • 2014-11-05 Moritz Bunkus <>
    • mkvmerge: bug fix: Cherry-picked several commits from DivX’ mkvmerge fork for improved HEVC handling. Fixes #1076.
    • all: new feature: added a Catalan translation of the programs by Antoni Bella Pérez (see AUTHORS).
  • 2014-11-04 Moritz Bunkus <>
    • mkvmerge: bug fix: Fixed the handling of Big Endian PCM tracks read from MP4 files. Fixes #1078.

Have fun.

4 thoughts on “MKVToolNix v7.4.0 released

  1. greg

    Thank you very much for this fine work — it’s making many conversions alot easier :)

    Can you please tell me if it’s possible to make Chapter Markers Collapse/Expand such as pdf bookmarks in the left column of Acrobat, for instance?

    This would tidy up a very long list into manageable headings — I tried using the Subchapters in “Chapter Editor” but it only seemed to post an asterisk * before the listing. Is there something I’ve missed there?

    Once again, Wishing you all the best for this projects!

    1. mosu Post author

      How chapters are presented to the user is completely up to the player in question. There’s nothing mkvmerge (or I) can do to influence it.

      1. greg

        ok – as someone in another forum replied to me –
        “these are just metatags” — so that’s why it’s up to the player?

        so, IF i learnt how to code, would i be able to code something to integrate with a player, say in javascript, that would make this happen? — since javascript has those kinds of behaviours — mouseover/mouse hover/pop-outs, etc. ?

        i just want to know if my desire is possible to create, or not (in regards to this medium)? thx

        1. mosu Post author

          I really cannot answer that. It depends on the player: does it support JavaScript? If so, is it possible to modify the chapter listing from JavaScript? Etc.

          Generally speaking this is definitely possible; e.g. if you learnt to program in C++ then you could modify VideoLAN Client (VLC) to your heart’s desire.

          The chapter information itself is just a hierarchical listing of names and associated start/end timestamps. Hierarchical in the sense that a chapter can have an arbitrary number of sub-chapters – e.g. think of books like the Bible. There’s the old and the new testament (these could be top-level chapters). Each in turn consists of several books (Genesis…); those would be level 2 chapters; and each book in turn consists of several chapters (those would be level 3 chapters in Matroska). However, how this hierarchy is displayed for the user is not part of the information; that’s up to the player.

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