Migrating MKVToolNix bug tracker to trac

I’ve changed the bug tracker I’m using for MKVToolNix: from Bugzilla to Trac. Today I’ve finished migrating all existing bug reports and all user accounts. Therefore Trac is now the one to use, and I’ve disabled the old one.

You can browse existing bug reports without loggin in. However, if you want to open a new bug report or comment on an existing one then you still need an account. Good news for users who already had an account in my old Bugzilla installation: you can use your old credentials. Your login name in Trac is the same one you’ve used in Bugzilla (your email address — but all lowercase!), and even your old password should work. Just try it out and login.

If it does not work then you can ask Trac to re-set your password. You have to enter both your account name and your email address in the form. For accounts imported from Bugzilla both are the same: your email address (remember to use all lowercase!).