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rmff_frame_t Struct Reference

A frame or packet of media data. More...

#include <librmff.h>

Data Fields

unsigned char * data
 The frame/packet contents.

uint32_t size
 The number of bytes in this frame.

int allocated_by_rmff
 Set by librmff if librmff has allocated the buffer and should free it in rmff_release_frame.

uint16_t id
 The track ID this frame belongs to. This will be overwritten in rmff_write_frame.

uint32_t timecode
 The presentation timestamp in ms.

uint8_t reserved
uint8_t flags
 Flags, e.g. bit 1 = key frame.

Detailed Description

A frame or packet of media data.

A new frame can be obtained with rmff_allocate_frame or read from a file with rmff_read_next_frame. In both cases the application can either have librmff allocate a buffer for the frame contents or provide the buffer itself. In the latter case rmff_release_frame will not free the buffer either.

The fields in this structure are stored in the machine's byte order which is little endian on x86 systems.

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