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rmff_prop_t Struct Reference

The global PROP file header. More...

#include <librmff.h>

Data Fields

rmff_object_t obj
uint32_t max_bit_rate
uint32_t avg_bit_rate
uint32_t max_packet_size
uint32_t avg_packet_size
uint32_t num_packets
uint32_t duration
uint32_t preroll
uint32_t index_offset
uint32_t data_offset
uint16_t num_streams
uint16_t flags

Detailed Description

The global PROP file header.

This header is mandatory for a RealMedia file. It contains statistical and global data. The values are stored in big endian byte order. The application should use the functions rmff_get_uint16_be, rmff_get_uint32_be, rmff_put_uint16_be and rmff_put_uint32_be for accessing the members.

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