Daily Archives: December 16, 2017

MKVToolNix moves to GitLab

Today I’ve moved MKVToolNix’ source code repository, the bug tracker and the wiki (including the FAQ) over to GitLab. You can continue using your checked-out copy of the source code if you want by simply replacing https://github.com/mbunkus/mkvtoolnix with https://gitlab.com/mbunkus/mkvtoolnix in the file .git/config.

The move was done using GitLab’s import function. This means that all issues filed by people who already have a GitLab account will remain filed under your name (by mapping it to your GitLab account). All other issues have been mapped to me with mentioning the original poster in the issue text’s first line.

Anyone who doesn’t have a GitLab account yet — don’t fret. You can easily sign in to GitLab using your GitHub account (click on the corresponding icon at the below the login form).