MKVToolNix v8.3.0 released

I’ve released MKVToolNix v8.3.0. Even if I’m starting to sound like a broken record: this release implements a lot of enhancements and new features for MKVToolNix GUI, pretty much all of them requested by users. Several bugs in the GUI have been fixed as well.

This is the last release that includes the old GUI (mkvmerge GUI).

Changes for package maintainers: nothing’s changed since v8.2.0.

You can download the source code or one of the binaries.

Here’s the full ChangeLog since the previous release:

  • 2015-08-15 Moritz Bunkus <>
    • Released v8.3.0.
    • MKVToolNix GUI: chapter editor enhancement: pressing return will cause the next appropriate chapter control to be selected depending on where the focus currently is: from a chapter input to the first chapter name, from a chapter name to the next chapter name and from the last chapter name to the next chapter entry’s start time. Implements #1358.
  • 2015-08-14 Moritz Bunkus <>
    • MKVToolNix GUI: enhancement: the number of running jobs is shown in the status bar. Implements #1381.
    • MKVToolNix GUI: new job queue feature: added a context menu for force-starting selected jobs. This allows for running more than one job at the same time. Implements #1395.
    • MKVToolNix GUI: new merge tool feature: added an option for automatically setting the »default track« flag to »no« for all subtitle tracks when they’re added. Implements #1339.
  • 2015-08-12 Moritz Bunkus <>
    • MKVToolNix GUI: new merge tool feature: dragging & dropping files onto line edit controls that expect file names (e.g. the »chapter file« control) will set that line edit’s text to the dropped file name. Implements #1344.
    • mkvmerge: bug fix: track statistics tags can be kept with the option »–engage keep_track_statistics_tags«. This allows outputting them in verbose identification mode for easier parsing. Fixes #1351.
  • 2015-08-11 Moritz Bunkus <>
    • MKVToolNix GUI: new feature: jobs in the queue can now be edited again. For that they’re re-opened in the corresponding tool and removed from the queue. Implements #1296.
    • build system: stack protection is enabled when building with gcc on all platforms. For Windows DEP and ASLR is enabled. Implements #1370.
  • 2015-08-09 Moritz Bunkus <>
    • build system: the Boost detection macros were updated from resulting in better compatibility with bare-bones shells like dash.
    • MKVToolNix GUI: enhancement: the format of the setting and queue files has been changed from INI style to JSON documents. Reading older setting files in INI style remains supported, but saving will convert them to JSON. Together with the other three changes mentioned below this results in a noticeable reduction in the time needed for writing the queue files, e.g. when pressing »start muxing« or when quitting the application.
    • MKVToolNix GUI: enhancement: the way the job queue is stored has been changed. Earlier all jobs were stored in the same file (or registry on Windows) as the preferences. Now they’re stored in a sub directory called »jobQueue« with one file per queue entry.
    • MKVToolNix GUI: enhancement: on Windows the preferences are not stored in the registry anymore, not even if the application has been installed. Instead they’re stored in an INI file in the user’s AppData\Local directory tree.
    • MKVToolNix GUI: enhancement: the number of times the queue files are saved has been reduced. The queue files are also loaded only once on startup, not twice.
    • MKVToolNix GUI: bug fix: fixed various crashes when dragging & dropping in all of the tree views (merge tool: files view, tracks view, attachments view; chapter editor: edition/chapter tree, chapter name list; job queue). Fixes #1365.
  • 2015-08-08 Moritz Bunkus <>
    • MKVToolNix GUI: enhancement: if an instance is already running when the application is started a second time then the GUI requests that the already-running instance will be activated. Implements #1379.
    • MKVToolNix GUI: new feature: added an option in the preferences for automatically switching to the job output tool whenever the user starts a job (e.g. by pressing »start muxing«). Implements #1376.
    • MKVToolNix GUI: new job output and job queue feature: added a function for opening the output folder. Implements #1342.
    • MKVToolNix GUI: new job output tool feature: added a way to clear the output, warnings and errors views. Implements #1356.
    • MKVToolNix GUI: merge tool bug fix: attachments: sometimes changing values didn’t apply the changes to all selected attachments depending on how they were selected. Fixes #1373.
    • MKVToolNix GUI: merge tool bug fix: the automatically suggested description for new jobs contained the file name twice, even in the directory portion. Fixes #1378.
    • MKVToolNix GUI: merge tool bug fix: if »set output file name automatically« is enabled then file names ending with a number in parenthesis (e.g. »Berlin (1962).mkv«) will keep their number in the generated output file name. Fixes #1375.
    • MKVToolNix GUI: merge tool bug fix: the GUI will keep manual changes to the output file name even if »set output file name automatically« is enabled. Fixes #1372.
    • MKVToolNix GUI: bug fix: fixed the stereoscopy drop down box not being re-translated when the GUI language is changed. Fixes #1224.
  • 2015-07-22 Moritz Bunkus <>
    • MKVToolNix GUI: chapter editor bug fix: it was possible to drop chapter entries on the top-level reserved for editions. Fixes #1369.
  • 2015-07-21 Moritz Bunkus <>
    • MKVToolNix GUI: Windows: if the application has been installed then its settings will no longer be saved in the registry but in an INI file in the user’s data application folder (e.g. C:\Users\mbunkus\AppData\Local\\mkvtoolnix-gui).
  • 2015-07-20 Moritz Bunkus <>
    • MKVToolNix GUI: merge tool enhancement: added »Simple OGM-style chapter files (*.txt)« to the file selection dialog when selecting a chapter file. Implements #1269.
  • 2015-07-18 Moritz Bunkus <>
    • MKVToolNix GUI: bug fix: fixed compilation when building without curl support. Fixes #1359.

Have fun.

3 thoughts on “MKVToolNix v8.3.0 released

  1. tomman

    Just a warning for those using the Debian packages from this site: the .deb for mkvtoolnix-gui will NOT work on current Debian Testing as-is, due to the Great GCC5 Transition™ causing changes on how wxGTK is packaged for Debian (there are now separate libwx* packages for old and new libstdc++6 versions, and no, you can’t have both installed since they conflict between each other).

    The new dependencies are recognized for having “v5” at the end of the package name (libwxbase3.0-0v5 instead of just libwxbase3.0-0), so for those running Stretch, you will have to rebuild your own packages. Or you can use the official Debian package from the repos (but that one does not come with the old wx UI, for those so attached to it)

    Dunno if it is worth to fix this upstream (I’m not too savvy on Debian packaging specifics) since Stretch won’t release until 2017 at least, and there are a few important transitions going on right now – is it advised to wear hard hats!

    1. mosu Post author

      I don’t provide binaries for Debian testing anyway, only for stable and oldstable. If you need the package on testing then I highly suggest you build it yourself. I explain how to do that here.

      1. tomman

        Yup, that’s what I’m going to do once I figure out how to mantain Stable and Testing branches with this new transition. I actually am used to building Debian packages from provided sources, not so much into hacking Debian’s specific packaging setup (control/changelog and friends)

        Looks like the change I need to perform is minimal (you CAN have conditional dependencies, yay~!), so that’s the way to go in this case.

        Thanks for the instructions anyway!

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