MKVToolNix v6.4.0 and v6.4.1 released
Monday 16 September 2013 @ 10:01 am


I’ve released MKVToolNix 6.4.1 only one day after the release of 6.4.0 due to a nasty regression in 6.4.0 compared to 6.3.0. This release fixes that single bug only. For reference I’ll include the previous release message including the new ChangeLog entries. Note that only the source and Windows packages have been uploaded yet; the Linux binaries are still being built.

I’ve released MKVToolNix 6.4.0. Not a lot has happened over the summer, but the Opus support has been finalized. A couple of bug fixes here and there as well, especially regarding startup problems on Windows (the mmg window not appearing). However, the next release should feature HEVC support, and I didn’t want to hold off the release until that’s been finished as it may still take a couple of weeks. So here you go.

For package maintainers: you need libMatroska 1.4.1 due to new elements, a version that hasn’t been released yet (libEBML requirements stay at the already-released 1.3.0). MKVToolNix’ configure will fall back to the included version and build it statically. I’m sorry for this, and this is not intentional but due to severe lack of time on my side these past weeks. I’ll try to release said library within the next two or three week. So feel free to hold off packaging this MKVToolNix version until then.

You can download the source code or one of the binaries.

Here’s the full ChangeLog since release 6.3.0:

Have fun.

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