MKVToolNix v5.7.0 released
Tuesday 10 July 2012 @ 1:55 pm


I’ve released v5.7.0. It’s purely a bug fix release. The most important bug fixed was the excessive CPU usage during muxing.

Unfortunately the bug fix for the CPU usage brought on a new bug. Due to timing issues between the child process (mkvmerge) ending and the GUI reading its output the very last line(s) of mkvmerge’s output might not be shown by mmg. The progress bar might also not be updated to full. However, this is purely a cosmetic issue: the output file has been written completely by that point. See also issue 774.

Here are the usual links: the home page, the source code and the Windows installer and 7zip archive.

All of the binaries that I provide myself are already available.

Here’s the full ChangeLog since release 5.6.0:

Have fun.

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