MKVToolNix v5.1.0 released
Tuesday 29 November 2011 @ 11:08 am

I’ve released mkvtoolnix v5.1.0. It fixes a lot of smaller issues across the board and greatly improves support for MPEG transport streams.

There are two important issues for package maintainers:

  1. MKVToolNix now requires a C++ compiler that supports certain features of the C++11 standard. For gcc this means at least v4.6.0 is required. Unfortunately clang, even in the upcoming release 3.0, doesn’t support all of the required features yet. Platforms that don’t ship with such a new gcc or with clang only will have to stay at MKVToolNix 5.0.1.
  2. MKVToolNix now requires Boost v1.46 or newer.

Here are the usual links: the home page, the source code and the Windows installer and 7zip archive.

All of the binaries that I provide myself are already available.

Here’s the full ChangeLog since release 5.0.1:

Have fun.

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